Truth for Teoh Beng Hock

So I haven’t blogged about politics in a long, long while, but this is just too meng-wtf-kan to ignore.


Q: How do you know not to trust

A: When the BN and the mainstream media act out of behaviour — tripping over themselves to publicize a blog. An anonymous, unclaimed, and bastardized blog, for goodness’ sake.


Fact #1: The BN hates blogs, what more anonymous, unclaimed, and bastardized blogs.

  • 2007. The BN calls bloggers “monkeys,” “liars,” “unemployed women,” and “snipers.”
  • 2007. Our junior minister calls for a blogger register to “to control anonymous postings the government says could harm security…” Shaziman Abu Mansor said the government “welcomed blogging but not negative postings by anonymous bloggers.”
  • The only blogs the BN likes are their own. Ask Khairy.


Fact #2: The “responsible” mainstream media never quotes blogs, what more anonymous, unclaimed, and bastardized blogs.

  • One of the (bullshit) arguments that Rais Yatim and the establishment always give in support of mainstream media is that mainstream media is less versatile than new media because it has to verify its sources. This of course insinuates that mainstream media is more trustworthy than new media, and that new media doesn’t check its sources.
  • Now just a few days ago Bulletin Utama (TV3, 8 pm) featured as its main story.
  • Then NTV7 (8pm) did the same thing a few days later, reporting that the blog had received x thousands of hits (thus suggesting that popularity proves the veracity of the allegations).
  • The blog is linked everywhere: Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia, The Star.
  • So now, Rais, where’s the verification?


So before Teoh Beng Hock, the BN-media behemoth hates anonymous comments and threatens to detain, sue, and register anonymous bloggers (while detaining and suing real bloggers).

After Teoh Beng Hock, the Leviathan does an about-face and embraces like it’s the most authoritative source in the whole world. Media blitz and all, never mind that no one has claimed to author it.

Wtf mate. You think Malaysians are that stupid?

This is shoddy, sinister, and just plain stupid journalism.

I hate to write and link the stupid blog, for want of giving it extra publicity and hits. But still, this has to be said. Even RPK puts his name to his (fantastical) exposes.


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4 responses to “Truth for Teoh Beng Hock

  1. Hey, you moved! Haha, this reminds me of the damn BTN thing that I was mentioning in my blog recently. We were having this talk (read: propaganda) and one of my friends asked the speaker about his opinion on blogs. It was basically the same response; he basically divided blogs into two categories. One, bad blogs (i.e. khabar angin, isu sensitif, etc); two, GOOD blogs (i.e. misalnya kalau belog dia ni sokong kerajaan, belog baiklah tu). -_- Stupid.

  2. wah ridiculoussssss. why liddat one our country.

  3. haha, that’s hardly even a taste of how bad it was, to be honest.

  4. carol

    hahaha damn stupid, re: the BTN thing =.=

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