Swarthmore International Ambassador

So I used to be an international ambassador for Swarthmore, but I quit for lack of time and energy. But I post my (two year-old) answers here anyway lah (thus some of which are outdated) for stalkers.

Student Web Ambassador
Name: Andrew Loh
Hometown: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (satellite city of Kuala Lumpur) Class Year: 2010
Major/Minor: Political Science/Asian Studies
Activities: Quiz Bowl, Debate, Business Fundamentals; former ones include Chorus, Chaverim (Jewish a cappella), Badminton, Effective Grantsmanship Program.
Why Swat?

I think what really sets Swat apart from the other liberal arts colleges and Ivy League universities is that Swatties are not afraid to be themselves. Unlike in many other rival institutions, Swatties have both sufficient self-confidence and senses of humor to be themselves – even if that means being “nerdy,” “weird,” “jock-ish,” or any other adjective. Ours is a college culture highly desired but rarely found, and I think this is very, very cool.

Favorite Class:

International Politics: I have never thought of myself as a theory person; I’ve changed. The concepts learnt in this class can be cross-applied to so many different circumstances and scenarios! Insightful readings, great lectures; awesome, profound, and highly-enjoyable class.

Arabic: Languages in Swarthmore are intense and rigorous, but I come out of almost every class smiling. Not to forget the wonderful professors who make the smiling possible. 🙂

Favorite Food at the Dining Hall?

Mint chocolate chip and coffee ice-cream.

Remarks on Swatties:

I think there exists a common bond: we’re all weird in some way and we’re proud of it.

Dramatic Discoveries:

The bathroom on Parrish 4th is a great place for taking pictures of yourself. Lighting – superb.

Favorite place on campus:

Parrish parlors – ostensibly doing homework with a bunch of friends at 3 am. Good times.

Most memorable experience:

Mr. Swarthmore: I was Mr. Badminton at the inaugural Mr. Swarthmore competition, at which I strutted onstage in suit and tie, then swimwear, and sang Ave Maria in a towel for the talent component (singing in the shower). I was sixth after losing a semifinal tie-breaker to the eventual winner, Mr. Basketball.

What is something you feel really passionate about:

The Iraq, South Africa, maps, such as, like, Asian countries, and world peace.

Post Swat Plans:

Malaysian Idol.

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