about time

Kementerian Pelajaran bercadang memberi biasiswa penuh kepada pelajar yang muncul johan Pertandingan Bahas Piala Perdana Menteri (PPM) apabila mereka melanjutkan pelajaran ke universiti tempatan…

  1. Cadangan ini tidak berkesan sangat, kerana para pemenang berkemungkinan besar akan diberi biasiswa ke universiti luar negara. If you’re smart and you go to a PPM school, you will be head-hunted.
  2. Kenapa hanya PPM? PPM < Wira. And Wira < HELP < IIUM, in terms of competitiveness, caliber, and all-round debate goodness. Kedua-dua perbahasan PPM dan Wira merupakan pertandingan yang dianjurkan oleh kementerian. Jika biasiswa hanya diberikan kepada pemenang PPM, cadangan ini merupakan sesuatu idea yang elitis dan tidak adil, sememangnya kerana perbahasan Wira lebih kompetitif (bilangan sekolah yang jauh lebih banyak) dan representatif (kawasan geografi yang lebih luas).

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  1. Irving Tan

    Bingo on #1.

    Also, what is there to “biasiswa” if the government is sending them to a public university? That comes around to like, a couple thousand dollars most if I’m not mistaken.

    That said, I still think PPM Champions (and also those of other tournaments) should be more thoroughly rewarded. Financial support for tertiery education (even if it is only to a local public university) would be much more awesome than those crappy pens they hand out every year. I have two sets of two pens each.

    Only one of the four worked.

    PS – HELP better than Wira AND PPM? Personally, I find adjudication in HELP to be a big joke lol. That said, I haven’t been to a HELP tournament in almost half a decade (shit I’m old!).

    PPS – This comment is very rambly and incoherent. Writing comments during lab report brainstorming = bad idea.

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