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nowadays i look at my facebook birthday alerts

and promptly ignore the entire section

because it averages like 8 birthdays per day


the events section, however, should really be elongated

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hari raya

i got baju melayu (ish) and samping!!!!

the boys never pout. massive fail.

thanks zaf and zaf’s mommy for the open house. ❤

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Hasan (Hassan?) Ali

I remember being really impressed by this one speaker at the PAS Muktamar 2009 in Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam.

He was a master at rhetoric: he spoke fluent, impeccable English, his gestures, pauses, and inflections were apt and effective, and his speech was utterly compelling.

For a while then I wondered who this mesmerizing guy could be. One of the more liberal, progressive Erdogans, perhaps — given the perceived ample Western influence (his English was excellent, masha-Allah)? After all, he had no janggut, no misai, no serban, no keffiyeh to indicate any semblance of (perhaps merely sartorial) conservatism. Not bad man, the people PAS have — professional, competent, and confident. Clean-shaven and smartly dressed in a dark baju Melayu with a shiny songkok and samping to boot, he looked almost Chinese to me, at least from some three hundred meters away (must’ve been his glasses and his mata sepet). Could it be? One of the Non-Muslim PAS Supporters Club people? Giving one of the opening speeches at the Muktamar? Ya Allah, change has indeed come to Malaysia!

Then I read in the program book that his name was Hasan Ali, and remembered that he was just about to betray Pakatan to become Menteri Besar of Selangor after the March 8 elections.

And then I went meeeeeh.



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Reform Judaism is nothing if not responsive to changing times. Recently its liturgy incorporated a special prayer for people undergoing sex-change operations. And a predominantly gay synagogue in San Francisco, Congregation Sha’ar Zahav, has composed its own prayer to be said after anonymous sex. “In the dark, in a strange place, our father Jacob encountered a stranger with whom he grappled all night,” a reference to the Biblical story of Jacob wrestling with an angel. “He never knew the stranger’s name, yet their encounter was a blessing which turned Jacob into Israel and made him realize, I have seen God face to face.” The prayer asks God — “who created passion and wove it throughout creation” — to bless casual sex and turn it into a blessing “that allows us to both touch and see the Divine.”


Some Catholics (and many Episcopalians) use the John Main method, named after a Benedictine monk. This is essentially Hindu chanting, which Main, who introduced the method, learned in Kuala Lumpur in the 1950s from a swami who gave him what Main called a “Christian mantra.”

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Isa Samad

Even though “the name of the BN candidate for the Bagan Pinang by-election on Oct 11, is expected to be announced on Sept 29,”

Isa Samad’s facebook campaign manager seems to think otherwise, and is very optimistic.


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