i shall be telling this with a sigh

If it is the “norm” for Malaysian students who study overseas to go to the United Kingdom, based solely on numbers, then tertiary education in the United States would be fairly atypical.

So after Chen Chow’s US Apps Workshop (somewhere ages and ages hence) I just realized that I’m doubly anomalous: not only do I study in the States, I also took the most convoluted, abnormal route.

Taking a gap year? Talk to Andrew.

Applying without a pre-university qualification? Andrew.

Liberal Arts Colleges? Andrew.

The ACT? Andrew.

*Taking a gap year between your junior and senior year? Andrew.

And I don’t know how I feel.

*still in process


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9 responses to “i shall be telling this with a sigh

  1. Brian

    but we love you for all of it. How?

  2. Andrew, you are definitely unique!!! To all who need help, do approach Andrew!!! Of coz, don’t forget email etiquette! 🙂

  3. adeline mathew

    Hey Andrew!!! Remember me? Gosh I haven’t spoken to you in AGES. But I do read your blog (Haha kinda creepy and stalker like, but you’re into that kinda stuff right )
    But seriously Andrew, all the things you stated in your post, are some of the reasons why I look up to you and respect you. I think it’s awesome, it teaches all of us to just whatever we want, however we want to do it.
    True life inspiration. Powerful stuff.

  4. well you’re cool like that what! 😛

  5. ❤ you guys are so sweet luvya all

  6. that’s exactly makes you so unpredictable, interesting and inspiring lah andrew 🙂

  7. nimalan

    So erm yea Andrew, I do actually want to talk to you about applying to the USA. I’m heading back on the 21st so are you free for a meet-up?

  8. carol


    “want to visit new york? look for carol.”

    wtf. haha.

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