wtf is wrong with malaysian parents

When kids dilly-dally over homework

21 October 2009


I HAVE a problem in dealing with my five-year-old son who is enrolled in kindergarten. He does not like to do his homework.

On an average day, he gets four to five pages of homework. He will take two to three hours to complete his homework.

He would delay completing his homework by requesting for a snack or two.

After eating, he would write a little more.

He would keep on asking for a rest and some food until he finishes all his homework.

I have tried to motivate him by allowing him to watch his favourite cartoon after he finishes his homework. Yet, this does not appeal to him. He would take his own sweet time to finish his homework.

Even with short breaks in between the pages of homework, he could not complete the task quickly.

I give him five minutes’ break but he takes longer, giving excuses that he is hungry or wants to use the toilet.

I’ve never used a cane because I know this will make him hate homework in the future.

I’ve asked him why he does his homework so slowly. He said it was because he did not want to make mistakes.

In his exams, he would score around 99% and finish his papers before his friends in class.

I need your advice on how to get my son to do his homework faster on a daily basis. – Concerned Mother


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4 responses to “wtf is wrong with malaysian parents

  1. flory

    i would steal that kid away from that parent.

  2. That’s seriously messed up. I’m so grateful to have my mum now.

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