syabas indonesia

why can’t this be my country

Menurut orang Bali, cecak adalah manifestasi dari Dewi Saraswati, yaitu dewi yang melindungi bicara dan tulisan.


There have been anti-police protests in Jakarta after the Indonesian police detained two top officials from a powerful anti-corruption agency.

Human rights groups say the anti-corruption commission, known by its local acronym KPK, has become a target of the police.

They said this was because it has been so successful in investigating and charging corrupt officials.


In a sign of public anger, more than 350,000 people joined a Facebook page in support of deputies Chandra Hamzah and Bibit Samad Riyanto. Thousands more were signing up every hour and plans were under way for large demonstrations.

and fucking retribution

Two high-level officials in Indonesia have resigned over a corruption scandal.

Abdul Hakim Ritonga, the deputy attorney-general, and General Susno Duaji, the chief national police investigator, stepped down on Thursday after the airing of telephone intercepts that mentioned their names.

when is it our turn?

to bay for blood

we shall count the days.


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2 responses to “syabas indonesia

  1. flory

    thank you 😀 😀 😀 came as bit of a shocker. also why is indonesia so fawesome

  2. When in Bali remember that hands on hips is a sign of superiority or anger.

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