Tan Sri Datuk Wira Abdul Rahman Arshad Debate Cup 2010

Come I tell you all a joke!

So rumours are that Wira will be cancelled this year.

Because our kementerian is out of moolah.


But that’s not the joke.

The joke is that Piala Perdana Menteri isn’t cancelled.

The punch line is that we can give millions to Rosmah to burn for her ridiculous programs [RM 20 million for 100-300 students], but we cancel Wira, along with 11 out of 24 MSSM sports (archery, bowling, chess, cricket, cross country, handball, rugby, sailing, softball, squash, and table tennis) to “save” RM 4.5 million from a 6-mil original budget, we send boarding school kids back to their homes because we can’t provide food for them on weekends, and we switch off the fucking lights in our students’ study rooms because we need to fucking save on electricity.

So funny right!


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7 responses to “Tan Sri Datuk Wira Abdul Rahman Arshad Debate Cup 2010

  1. Sarawak has WIRA. First motion is something like “THBT Students Should Have a Say In the Subjects Taught In Schools”

    the 20 million thing is just freaking insane arrggh so mad

    • ya i guess like mss selangor picking up the slack for mssm, the states will have to step in — if the vacuum is to be filled in the first place.

      tell you another joke. go to google, type in rosmah, and wait for the autofill.

  2. I’m pissed. Going to relink on facebook.

    I clicked on the two top articles on google and they fail to load ^^

  3. Habib

    I personally think datuk wira should be canceled and the piala perdana menteri for that matter. School debating has no quality(coming from a school debater-me). The judges aren’t trained adjudicators, the students are taught to win and not understand the issues at hand. And techinacalities weigh more than content. I’ll not even go to the manner … See morethat is used in these debates. manner filled, but matter lacking, LIKE HELL. everything is preped up 1 or 2 weeks before the actual debate, and guess what, there are some people who still come up with horrible cases even with their teacher/lecturer/adjudicator helping.

    At the end of the day, it’s all about language and the use of it, if you sound good. YOU WIN.

    If that is the case, I’d love to see that money spent on this tournaments, GO somewhere else. but the rest that’s being scrapped, it’s just ridiculous.

    And by the way , you don’t hve to blame everything on rosmah. WE can’t keep saying stuff about her just cause she has money.

    Try looking at the ministry of higher education and the other educational ministries, instead of continuously saying it’s rosmah’s fault.

    It’s their policies that make things crappy.

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