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Parti Hampir Mati

Parti Hampir Mati


We the rakyat hereby announce the establishment of Parti Hampir Mati (PHM).

Parti Hampir Mati is a multi-everything party that aims to bring development to all Malaysians without taking into account race, religion, geography, or political affiliation. Unlike the Human Rights Party, Parti Cinta Malaysia, and all our independent-but-BN-friendly Members of Parliament, we will never support either the BN or Pakatan Rakyat. Cross our hearts, hope to die.

We are the true third force, the voice of the rakyat!

Our manifesto is simple: we believe in the superior ability of the old and sedang nazaks to berkhidmat kepada negara. We think that no matter how young or smart or brilliant or rich one is, being old and nazak is still the best way to serve our country – and this is why we will only nominate hampir matis as electoral candidates in our quest for a better Malaysia.

Why is this so? Because we believe that the death of a hampir-mati YB (astaghfirullah) is the best thing that can ever happen to any constituency. It is the jackpot of all politics – and Parti Hampir Mati is here to ensure that more and more of our deserving populace enjoy this nikmat.

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Hulu Selangor By-Election Ceramah Finale

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What Would Zaid Hold?

is genius.

read (1), visit (2), and join the movement (3)

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Malaysia National Debating Championships Winners

Methodist Boys’ School Kuala Lumpur (MBSKL) defeated SMK Damansara Utama (SMKDU) to win the IIUM Interschool Debating Championship 2010.



Added April 23:

Last Tuesday, the 9th IIUM Inter-School Debating Championship (English category) ended. The championship was won by SK (L) Methodist Kuala Lumpur. They defeated SMK Damansara Utama with a split decision of 6-3. The nine adjdudicators at the grand finals were Irzal, Azrul, Khalidah, Mizan, Ian Howell, Adiba, Don, Izzat and Alex MMUM. The motion of the grand finals was ‘THBT the face veil is just as much a symbol of female empowerment as the miniskirt’.

I adjudicated a few rounds during the weekends as well as on Monday morning. Overall I felt that the quality of debaters has slightly dropped in comparison to previous years. I also felt that there is an apparent difference in quality from to daily schools to the premier schools (SBP and MRSM). I feel that the daily schools are a lot more sound in persuading their cause or points. I had a chat with a good friend of mine via FB, who is also the the DCA (Irzal Kamal) for the championship. Below is the conversation that we had:

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Malaysia National Debating Championships Winners

Year Datuk Wira Taylor’s HELP IIUM

Tan Sri Datuk Wira Abdul Rahman Arshad Debate Cup Taylor’s College Annual Inter-School Debate Competition Tan Sri Datuk Paduka Dr Hajjah Saleha Debate Cup IIUM Interschool Debating Championship
2010 Methodist Boys’ School, Kuala Lumpur
2009 SMK Convent Ipoh, Perak SMK King George V,
Negeri Sembilan
SMK Green Road,  Sarawak
2008 SMK Damansara
SMK Seafield, Selangor SMK Damansara Jaya Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Perak
2007 SMK Lok Yuk, Sabah SMK Bukit Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur SMK Taman SEA, Selangor Sekolah Alam Shah, Putrajaya
2006 Batu Pahat High School, Johor SMK Damansara Jaya SMK Damansara Jaya St Xavier’s Institution, Penang
2005 SMK Sultan Abu Bakar, Pahang SMK Damansara Jaya Royal Military College, Kuala Lumpur St Xavier’s Institution, Penang
2004 Tsung Tsin High School, Sabah SMK La Salle PJ, Selangor SMK Damansara Jaya St Xavier’s Institution, Penang
2003 SMK Damansara Jaya SMK Assunta, Selangor SMK Subang Utama, Selangor Royal Military College, Kuala Lumpur
2002 SMK Convent Bukit Nanas, Kuala Lumpur SMK Damansara Jaya
2001 SMK Damansara Jaya Sekolah Sri Garden, Kuala Lumpur
2000 Combined Team,Sabah SMK Damansara Jaya

*repeat winners are colour-bolded


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Hulu Selangor By-Election Nomination Day

By-elections are Malaysia’s way of learning geography.

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Swatties Build a Wall

I am so proud to be Swattie right now!

So students in Swarthmore built a wall to show, viscerally, how leceh/麻烦/ma fan checkpoints were. Kinda. 🙂

Students For Peace and Justice in Palestine hoped “to bring to the attention of the campus some of the gross injustices that Palestinians live with on a daily basis, and which are the policies of the Israeli government. As a group dedicated to bringing the Palestinian narrative, so often forgotten or disregarded as “biased”, to the fore, we believe in the necessity of the activities and events we’ve planned. More importantly, we believe that Swarthmore students will be able to engage effectively and constructively with them.”


Read more about Three Days in Palestine:

Organizers — Students For Peace and Justice in Palestine

Swarthmore Organization for Israel



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Waitlisted? What You Can Do

By Andrew Loh and Darell Koh

So you’ve been waitlisted.

The waitlist is a cruel, cruel place. It is the liminal realm between twin certainties: the joy of admission and the (immediate and definite) pain of rejection. It is a manifestation of nascent hope – but one that will lead many to disappointment. Just when you think you’ve been released from the agony of waiting four months for your college decisions, you’ve been made to wait some more. Uncertainty all but prevails; closure is delayed; patience is now a greater virtue.

But patience is not the only virtue in this trying time. There are many, many things that you can do to improve your chances of getting off the waitlist – and the choice to strive, to work, to persevere is all but yours to make. For you, lucky sirs, college applications have not come to an end; au contraire, they have just begun, yet again.

* It goes without saying – but we are including, just in case – that you should secure your place at a college to which you have been admitted. If you didn’t know this already, pinch yourself.


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