US Apps 2010

This was last year;

this is this year.


Read how our 2009 seminar participants turned that dream into reality!


Good news, everyone!

Due to the strong support we received last year from students all over Malaysia, we are going to continue our U.S. college application workshop this year. Not just that, we are going to hold not one, not two, not three, not four but FIVE workshops this year all over Malaysia so that students from outside Klang Valley will have the chance to get to tap into our amazing resources as well!


Here’s the details for our workshops!

Introduction to US Education Workshop (Half-day workshop):

(Target audience:- Those who are not exposed to US Education or those who are not sure about US Education or those who have questions about US Education)

– Covers: What is US Education, How is it different from UK/Aus/Malaysia/Singapore education, What is Liberal Arts Education, Life Studying in US, and basic applications steps

* All 4 workshops above are FREE of charge. Sign Up Now.

* For these 4 workshops, priority of seatings would be given to students. If there is additional space, parents will be admitted.

* This workshop is focusing on undergraduate applications, although for this half-day workshop, the intro to US Education would be quite similar.

A full 2-day workshop on US Applications, guiding you in every step of the application:

(Target audience: Those who would like to study in top US universities and would like to learn how to get into such universities and with strong willingness and determination to put in serious efforts to get into top US universities)

Klang Valley – 7th & 8th August 2010 (9am – 6pm) Taylor’s University College Lakeside Campus (Venue Sponsor)

* This 2-day workshop will cost RM20 (Payable on 7th August 2010). Sign Up Now.

* For this 2-day workshop, strictly open to students ONLY. No parents/other adults will be admitted, due to limited space available.

* This workshop is focusing ONLY on undergraduate applications. If you would like to apply to US for graduate studies, this workshop is NOT suitable for you.

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