Our last cab ride


Our last cab ride
was ten minutes long
and an eternity too short

I held the hand
that caressed my cheeks last night


I held your unbreaking gaze
and you held mine
losing myself in those kind eyes and that dimpled smile
which had stolen my heart in the gentle rays of daybreak
remembering the texture of your brown blonde hair
that my fingertips knew so well


I held your gaze
and you held mine
memorizing the graceful contours of that beautiful face
which had lain resting on my chest
listening to my beating heart
in the silence of the desert night


Did you hear how it beat for you?
how it leapt at your proximity?
our bodies melting into uncoerced, unshackled intimacy
conversation dissolving into an unspeakable, untameable urgency
demanding the spontaneity of nocturnal activity


Did you hear it rejoice at your voice?
it is a fount of joy that had quenched my soul
I even liked your dandruff
manna from your sacred crown
first snow


Our last cab ride
was ten minutes long


At the traffic light
you let go
but I held on
not willing to give you up
not just yet


At your stop
we hugged for another eternity that was yet again too short
I reached in to kiss your forehead for the last time
as you reached down for your water bottle
and I was left to satisfy the longing of my lips with the nape of your sweet neck
never to be fulfilled


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