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Vote Chen Chow for the AYA Awards!!

I’m sure we all know and love Chen Chow for his unwavering dedication to every cause he believes in.

We all know how his eyes light up when he talks about American education and Cornell and youth empowerment and ReCom and giving back to society and helping kids.

We all know how Chen Chow is the patriarch of Malaysian applicants to US colleges.

And we all know what a swell guy he is.

Chen Chow's Photo

He’s been nominated for the AYA Awards, and it’ll be really amazing if Chen Chow received some recognition for his (otherwise financially unrewarded) efforts!

Profiles: http://www.ayaawards.com/vote/youth_profile.cfm

Voting: http://www.ayaawards.com/vote/voteonline.cfm

Vote online — SMSes will be charged RM 0.80.


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