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Swatties Build a Wall

I am so proud to be Swattie right now!

So students in Swarthmore built a wall to show, viscerally, how leceh/麻烦/ma fan checkpoints were. Kinda. 🙂

Students For Peace and Justice in Palestine hoped “to bring to the attention of the campus some of the gross injustices that Palestinians live with on a daily basis, and which are the policies of the Israeli government. As a group dedicated to bringing the Palestinian narrative, so often forgotten or disregarded as “biased”, to the fore, we believe in the necessity of the activities and events we’ve planned. More importantly, we believe that Swarthmore students will be able to engage effectively and constructively with them.”


Read more about Three Days in Palestine:

Organizers — Students For Peace and Justice in Palestine

Swarthmore Organization for Israel



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