“…writing, an exact man.” – Francis Bacon


SMKDJ Debating Hall of Fame
SMKDJ Debate (the Star)
Homage: The SMKDJ Wira Debate 2003 Chronicles
Juxtaposition: The SMK Taman Sea 2005 HELP Law Olympiad Story
Malaysia High School Debate Experiences
Malaysia National Debating Championships Winners
The Paradox that is Pengetahuan Moral
Pengetahuan Moral Acronyms


College Application Essays
For the Kiamsiap: Saving Money in US College Applications
This is Swarthmore
Waitlisted? What You Can Do
Why Swarthmore?
Why Study in America?


IIUM wins ESL, WUDC 2007 (the Star)
IMPAC Dublin Article (the Star)
IMPAC Dublin Essay
Malaysian Student Leaders Summit 2008
MPH Essay
Muck Facs: An Ode


Mea Culpa: Reflections on the 2009 Church Bombings (1, 2)
The Ninth of March
Parti Hampir Mati
Whom to Blame for the Storming of the Barricades at Bersih 3.0 (1, 2)

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