They named a car after me!!!


My name is a (quasi-) syllabic palindrome.

Andrew Loh Zhu An

Anjoo Loh Zhu An



اندرو لوه جو ان

انجو لوه جو ان

Best part of all, in accordance with American standards, my middle name is Zhu An

Which sounds like this word:


Which means hungry in Arabic.

Andrew Zhu An Loh
Andrew Hungry Loh
Andrew جوعان Loh

Hungry is my middle name.

2 responses to “About

  1. ashraf

    Hello andrew..nice to meet you..I ashraf from UTP. the one u saw during novice..thank you for your advice the other day..hope we can further collaborate in the future..

  2. Daniel

    Hi Andrew,

    Hi, I’m Chen Chow’s friend. I’ve just got a friend who’s looking-out to invite specific bloggers to an up-coming event this Friday in Lot 10 to meet with a prominent corporate figure, Mr. YTL himself & would truly appreciate your blogger role support to make this meet-up a success. Please email me as I’ll provide you with further details.

    (Twitter: DanevO) -> what’s yours?

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