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Colleges in one word

Swarthmore:  weird

MIT: nerdy (and proud of it)

Columbia: lonely

Princeton: privileged

NYU: disjointed


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Why Study in America?

Why Study in America?

By Andrew Loh


“I never let my schooling interfere with my education.” – Mark Twain.


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For the Kiamsiap: How to save money in US college applications

How to save money in US college applications

by Andrew Loh

For the Kiamsiap.

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US Apps 2010

This was last year;

this is this year.


Read how our 2009 seminar participants turned that dream into reality!


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Waitlisted? What You Can Do

By Andrew Loh and Darell Koh

So you’ve been waitlisted.

The waitlist is a cruel, cruel place. It is the liminal realm between twin certainties: the joy of admission and the (immediate and definite) pain of rejection. It is a manifestation of nascent hope – but one that will lead many to disappointment. Just when you think you’ve been released from the agony of waiting four months for your college decisions, you’ve been made to wait some more. Uncertainty all but prevails; closure is delayed; patience is now a greater virtue.

But patience is not the only virtue in this trying time. There are many, many things that you can do to improve your chances of getting off the waitlist – and the choice to strive, to work, to persevere is all but yours to make. For you, lucky sirs, college applications have not come to an end; au contraire, they have just begun, yet again.

* It goes without saying – but we are including, just in case – that you should secure your place at a college to which you have been admitted. If you didn’t know this already, pinch yourself.


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